Should I talk about myself and who i am and how I get started? Do you really care about all of this or shall we go straight to the point?

16 years on the road and this is what I d like to say:

  • Back in 2003, I did not own a computer, a smart phone or even a camera!
  • Back in 2008, I bought my first digital pointer shoot camera! Yayyy
  • Back in 2010, I bought my first laptop and DSLR !
  • Now, I ve been traveling in more than 38 countries, work in 9 of them and cycled 21000km across 16 countries.

Traveling has always been running through my blood and since my youngest age, I knew that i will not end up in France and having a stable job.

I left France at the age of 21 years old without speaking a word of English and flew straight away to the Bahamas working as a sport entertainer for an american company that paid me crap money ($500 per month) to work 108 hours / week.

It was the best things that happened to me, if I did not went to the Bahamas I will not have accomplished half of what I have done today and i will not have created this blog to help YOU realizing your dreams. There is one quote that I really like and it says:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

Follow your dreams and do not listen to haters that envy you…

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